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Backflow Preventers

What is and why do you need a Backflow Preventer?

backflow photoA backflow preventer is a necessary part of your sprinkler system. A backflow preventer is required on all irrigation systems in the state of Texas. It must be installed to code by a licensed backflow inspector. A backflow preventer protects your family from contaminants and chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers that may be on your lawn. When your sprinkler system is finished running, the heads go back into the ground and create a vacuum. Without a backflow preventer the water can go into your pipes or well and you will be drinking and bathing in toxic water. Once you have a backflow preventer installed it must be inspected. Because a backflow device can freeze and break if not properly protected in winter, it is recommended to have it inspected annually. Greenedge Sprinklers is trained, certified and licensed to install, repair and relocate backflow devices.

BackFlow Prevention Assembly Tester License#BP0011837
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality




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