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Lawn Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

Greenedge Sprinklers, LLC provides lawn sprinkler and irrigation services for residential and commercial properties in Houston, Katy, Cypress and surrounding areas.

Our lawn sprinkler and irrigation maintenance and diagnostic services include:

  • backflow testing,
  • certification and testing,
  • irrigation system diagnosis,
  • sprinkler head adjustments,
  • irrigation leak detection,
  • irrigation zone inspection,
  • irrigation system troubleshooting,
  • irrigation system controller testing.

Our lawn sprinkler and irrigation repairs and upgrades include:

  • sprinkler upgrades and irrigation improvements,
  • zones added or replaced,
  • drip irrigation added or replaced,
  • addition of rain sensors,
  • fixing broken sprinkler heads,
  • repair of leaks,
  • valve repairs or replacements,
  • repair or replacement of irrigation controllers,
  • addition of smart wireless irrigation controllers.

For your convenience, we offer irrigation maintenance plans.

Greenedge Sprinklers, LLC is proud to be an accredited member of the Greater Houston and South Texas Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

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