Sprinkler Upgrades


If you have had your irrigation system for many years, sprinkler upgrades or a sprinkler system replacement can help to conserve water and save money.

Most homeowners add landscaping and hardscaping over time. The watering needs of your landscape may change as trees, shrubs and plants mature and with the addition of new plants, flower beds, vegetable gardens, decks, patios and pools.

If you’ve had your lawn sprinkler for many years, it may be showing some wear and tear. Even If you regularly maintain your system, and you may need to replace parts more frequently. These changes can cause issues with adequate coverage and system efficiency.

Your sprinklers’ longevity also depends on where you live on how well you maintained your system throughout the years.

Here are some of the sprinkler upgrades we can help you with:

  • Move or add or sprinkler heads for more efficient coverage and water distribution.
  • Upgrade to pressure regulating sprinkler heads.
  • Create separate zones for your flower beds and other landscaped areas, or sunny and shady areas.
  • Adjust sprinkler types to new spray patterns and coverage areas — for example: converting from grass to landscape bed, or vice versa.
  • Show you an easier way to irrigate your vegetable gardens, flower beds…even your large flowerpots with the addition of drip irrigation.
  • Update your irrigation system to “Smart” WiFi-connected control equipment so you can manage and monitor your system from a mobile device.

You landscaping is a big investment.  Sprinkler upgrades means a more efficient and uniform water distribution and of course a more beautiful and healthy lawn and landscape.

Today’s newer irrigation components and “Smart” WiFi technology for landscapes are much more water-wise than those built 10-15 years ago. In other words, replacing or updating your irrigation system will save water and lower your bill.

Contact Greenedge Sprinklers to discuss how sprinkler upgrades can save you time, water and money.