Rain Sensors

Have you ever seen a sprinkler running when it’s raining? Not only does this waste water, but it costs you money!

A rain sensor is a small device set up in an open area that’s exposed to the rain, and it works by interrupting the watering cycle of the automatic irrigation controller once a predetermined amount of rain has fallen.

By installing a simple rain sensor you don't have to worry about manually shutting off your system. It communicates with your irrigation timer (controller) to signal your time to not go on until the next cycle.  There are three types of simple rain sensors a water collecting cup, basin with electrodes based on conductivity and Hygroscopic Disk which is a cork like material which expands. All of these are relatively simple and do the job at low cost.

Rain sensors connect to irrigation controllers either with a direct wire or wirelessly. New models are wireless there is a greater choice of location and additional programming features.

Benefits of Installing a Rain Sensor

Conserves water – less water wasted.
Cost savings – the sprinkler system shuts off when adequate rainfall is received, thus saving money on water bills.
System savings – there is less wear and tear on the sprinkler system because it only runs when necessary.
Lawn protection – reduces potential damage to the lawn caused by over-watering.
Plant protection – Prevents plant diseases and weeds caused by overwatering.
Convenience – you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting your sprinkler system

Rain sensors are often combined with a freeze sensor. For some cities in Texas, both are mandatory. Rain/freeze sensors are available in wired and wireless models. The freeze sensor suspends irrigation once the set freeze temperature is reached and resumes a regular schedule when the temperature rises above the freeze cut-off.

The TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) made it a requirement in 2009 that every new lawn sprinkler system installed, or any repairs involving a new controller, must include a rain sensor or other technology that automatically shuts off irrigation during a rainfall.

A rain sensor is a small device wired to the common line on an automatic sprinkler system designed to override the automatic watering cycle when a certain level of rainfall is detected. The shut-off level is usually set at 1/4 inch of rain.
The sensors do not affect the sprinkler system’s overall timing device. Once the collection dish dries out, the automatic timer kicks in. We offer both wired rain sensors and wireless. Call for more details