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Sprinkler System Basics

Sprinkler system basics, useful information from Rachio, the company that makes Smart Sprinkler Controllers. We know that sprinkler systems can

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Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation can offer a efficient method of watering than spray irrigation, particularly in small areas. Water is applied to

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Watering Efficiently

Billions of gallons of water are wasted every day from inefficient landscape watering. The key to watering lawns is to

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Backflow Preventer Devices

A backflow preventer device is used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution. Many types of backflow prevention devices also

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July is Smart Irrigation Month

TEXAS IRRIGATION ASSOCIATION PROCLAIMS JULY AS SMART IRRIGATION MONTH The Texas Irrigation Association, the state level association for licensed irrigation

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Steps to Conserve Water

Discuss your landscaping needs and plans with a licensed irrigation specialist Discuss how long your irrigation system should run.  Remember

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