Sprinkler Repair Services

sprinkler repair

Greenedge Sprinklers, LLC provides sprinkler repair services for both residential and commercial properties in Houston and Katy. Our sprinkler repair services include:

Drip added or replaced.  Our  services include the installation or addition of drip irrigation and the repair of existing drip irrigation. Whether you need to add drip irrigation to provide specialized watering or your drip sprinklers need repair, Greenedge Sprinklers can accommodate you.

Zones added or replaced.  These sprinkler repair services will accommodate your need for adding or replacing sprinkler zones to your existing sprinkler system, re-zoning for new landscaping or for new patios or additions.  Care will be taken to ensure that the re-zoned sprinkler system will work with your existing irrigation system.

Replacing poor preforming or broken heads.  Greenedge Sprinklers will provide the necessary sprinkler head replacement to ensure optimum performance of your irrigation system.

Relocating heads to adjust for grown landscape.  Greenedge Sprinklers recognizes the need to provide this specialized sprinkler repair service so that your landscape can continue to thrive as it matures.

Leaks fixed.  This necessary service will help you to conserve water and help your landscape get the proper watering.

Broken backflow preventers repaired or replaced.  Broken backflow preventer repair is a crucial element in sprinkler repair.  If this repair is not feasible, Greenedge Sprinklers will need to replace the unusable backflow preventer.

Heads replaced.  Because of the wear and tear on your landscape, sprinkler system repair sometimes requires that damaged sprinkler heads be replaced.

Valves repaired or replaced.  Our services include the repair or replacement of malfunctioning valves.

Replacing controller components.  Controllers are critical to a well-functioning irrigation system.  Our sprinkler repair services handle any required replacement of failed controller components.

Repairing wiring problems.  As in any automated system, proper wiring is essential to your irrigation system.  Our sprinkler repair services include the diagnosis and repair of your system’s wiring.

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