Emergency Sprinkler System Repair – Briarmeadow

I wish I could give this guy 10 stars!!!! We noticed water in our front yard and under our house and weren’t sure if it was plumbing or sprinkler related.  One plumber told us it looked sprinkler related (which we found hard to believe).  We called Jesse at 9:30 pm at night and he called back within minutes.  He took the time and talked with us to explain to us how to turn off the necessary valves in the meantime until he could come out.  Originally he was booked up for a few days, but understanding the urgency of our situation, he did his best to fit us in the next day. He was amazing about communicating in the morning when he was done with each of his other jobs and letting us know when he thought he would be making it so that I could feel some relief that he would be coming.  He came by 10:30 am that day!!!

When he came to the house, he tested the sprinkler system and it was not the problem. But he dug around a little just to see what was going around and found the leak within 10 minutes! He even started taking out the water that was building up around the leak and flowing out from under the house and stopped the water from flowing out the leak until the plumber could come out.  There was a LOT of water and he worked diligently to start getting that water out to try to make it easier for the plumber to work.  How awesome is that?!?  He is also an honest guy!

Overall, we were extremely pleased with his responsiveness, timeliness, and his competency!  We are going to definitely keep him on hand for our sprinkler system needs.  Jesse is great!!!

– J.A., Briarmeadow, Houston