New Rain Sensor – Ashford/Briar Hills Area

GREAT experience with Jesse Engebretson, owner of Green Edge Sprinklers.  I called in the morning and he showed up later that afternoon.  I appreciated the fact that both on the phone and in person, Jesse carefully listened to me as I explained what had been going on with our sprinkler system.  After hearing from me, he offered his assessment and fixed the problem.  Afterwards, he was happy to stay longer to make sure that the rest of our system was in proper working order (adjusted sprinkler heads, changed filters, added a rain sensor, etc.) and then put the system “to bed” for the winter.

Also wanted to say that I was really impressed with the way Jesse worked with and spoke to John – guy who assisted Jesse throughout job.  Top-notch interaction – respectful, collaborative and friendly.

Highly recommend Jesse Engebretson and Green Edge Sprinklers!!

– Lisa M.,  Ashford/Briar Hills Area Houston