New Sprinkler System – Houston

Let me paint a picture of my situation: hubby and I buy our first house and the outside needs a ton of work. I’m talking jungle-esque overgrown trees and bushes EVERYWHERE plus a bonus giant rotting gazebo in the back yard. We just spent all of our money on the house, so what do we do? We get on our work gloves and do a complete overhaul of the back. We even did the sprinkler system in the back ourselves. The whole project took months. Hot, sweaty, anger-inducting, back-breaking, dirty, horrible months…and we didn’t even attempted the front. All I could do at the end of that project was thank the Lord that we hadn’t killed each other out of frustration or the misuse of a chainsaw.

So we finally get around to putting plants and new sod in the front yard. There hadn’t been plants out there in a long time so I guess we didn’t notice that the sprinklers out there were complete garbage too – everything started to wilt and die.

Luckily we took to Yelp and found Green Edge. We had Jesse come over, he sent us a drawing with an estimate and we haven’t looked back since. His guys showed up on time and were done in less than 1 day. I guess I wouldn’t have been that impressed since he had an army of people after all, but when I got home I could hardly even tell that they had dug up our entire front yard! They put the sod/dirt back just like they had found it! THAT, my friends, is quality work. He even checked our now 2-year-old job done in the back yard and made some adjustments for us.

I would highly recommend this company because of Jesse’s professionalism, knowledge, fair prices, and for the great work that he and his guys did at our house.

– Michelle D., Houston