Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Lawn

We’ve been stuck indoors for much longer than we expected. But now it’s time to enjoy our outdoor property again!

Here’s some tips for “spring cleaning” to get a healthy, beautiful and lush lawn.

Give Your Lawn A Checkup

Look for compacted soil, moss growth, bare spots on your lawn or water pooling in low areas. Consider aerating your lawn this spring if soil is compacted or grass is growing poorly.

Spring is also the time for feeding and fertilizing to kill weeds and prevent crabgrass. To fix those bare spots seeding is recommended.  In our area, warm-season grasses should be seeded in late spring or early summer.

Water Carefully

Water at a time earlier in the day so the water will soak into the soil and be absorbed by turf roots. Watering midday causes water to evaporate quickly and watering later in evening leaves moisture on grass and can cause fungus and other diseases. If you have seeded your lawn, water those spots daily until grass grows to mowing height.

Mow High

Make sure your mower blade is sharp to avoid damage to grass.  It is best to mow between 3 – 4 inches high because cutting grass too short can increase risk for diseases and weeds. Taller grass resists drought and allows for deeper root growth and better water absorption. Change up mowing patterns to avoid compacting soil.

Watering properly is important for a healthy lawn.  You can take the guesswork out of watering with a Wi-Fi sprinkler controller. This device automatically sets a watering schedule based on your local weather. Different zones can have different watering schedules, all this controlled by an app on your smartphone.  We can also update your sprinkler system with pressure regulated sprinkler heads to increase efficiency.  Both upgrades will help you save water and money.