Steps to Conserve Water

  • Discuss your landscaping needs and plans with a licensed irrigation specialist
  • Discuss how long your irrigation system should run. 
  • Remember that newly established landscaping will require more water than an established area.
  • Ensure that your irrigation system does not spray water on concrete, wood, stone, brick, or other hard surfaces such as sidewalks, streets, driveways, fences, or walls. 
  • Use drip irrigation systems in small areas. 
  • Grassy areas typically use more water than landscaped beds, so you should plan separate irrigation zones for those areas.
  • Make sure that there is correct water pressure for your irrigation system to produce large drops of water. Mist will evaporate. Follow manufacturers’ recommendations on pressures. 
  • Understand how a rain or moisture sensor works to conserve water.

Above information obtained from  “A Consumer’s Guide to Landscape Irrigation in Texas”  visit